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Office Calculators

Office calculators are numerous in design, functionality and uses. From small, inexpensive everyday handheld calculators for under £2 to heavy-duty printing calculators costing over £100. What you need to spend depends on what you need to use the calculator for and where you need to use it.

Types of Office Calculators

Handheld Calculators - Small enough to fit in your pocket or briefcase but not necessarily lacking in functionality as some can be packed with functionality for tax experts and accountants. Some are credit card sized to fit inside your personal organiser, wallet or pocket.

Desktop calculators - These are designed for use on your desktop. Larger than pocket calculators, they have larger displays for easy reading, and the display screen is usually tilted at an angle, again to improve readability.

Financial calculators - These are designed for accountants, tax and financial experts. These are packed with built-in and programmable functions such as Cost / Sell / Margin, Programmable one-touch Tax feature ideal for adding or subtracting VAT, Decimal point selector settings: 4,2,0 & Floating, foreign currency exchange and interest rates, Cash flow (Investment Appraisal) analysis.

Scientific Calculators - These are for advanced calculations and statistics and come packed with functionality including Roots & powers function, Complex numbers function, Pie chart capability, Bar chart capability, Graphing capability, equations, logarithms, polynomial and simultaneous equations. These calculators are a must for all maths and science students.

Printing Calculators - These are primarily aimed at accountants, auditors, and bookkeepers. They print out each calculation on a paper roll that can be reviewed at a later date or examined to audit and verify each stage of the calculations.

Most pocket calculators and many desktop calculators are solar-powered or dual-powered, but with a battery backup.

At Index Office Supplies, we carry an extensive range of calculators from leading manufacturers such as Casio, Ibico, Sharp, Aurora, Canon and our budget brand 5 Star.

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